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University Admission

University Admission


While consulting students preparing to study abroad in America, there are students who can do everything by themselves, but there are students who studied very hard but don't know the process and methods to applying for schools in America. It will just be a dream to those students...but we help make their dreams come true.

Depending on your goals and situation, you have to look at the aspects of the right major, admission process, personal circumstances and your future goals to choose the right University for you.


AY Study has counselors with over 13 years experience and 97% university matriculation rate in admissions consulting to help your dreams come to reality.



University Placement Services


Major & University Consulting Service

Using our 13 years of consulting experience and knowledge, we help you find the best matched language school or university for you. Out of the 300 language schools and over 4,000 universities, we assess your personality and education ethics to match you with the best school possible. Not only do we help you with your current admission, we also assist in internships and career findings for your future.


Application Process Service 

Aside from our consulting service, we also offer our application process service. This service is designed to help you concentrate and study for your entrance exams and essays while we do all the paperwork for you. 


Essay Translation & Revision Service

AY Study will help you in creating the best essay. Furthermore, AY does not only help in essays for universities admission but also for professional documents for revisions and translations.


Freshman/Transfer University Admission

  • Conditional University Admission

  • University Admission without TOEFL

  • University Admission with low GPA

  • University of Arts / University of Music Admission

Graduate School Admission

  • Conditional Graduate School Admission

  • Graduate School Admission without TOEFL

  • Graduate School Admissions with low GPA

  • Graduate School of Art / Graduate School of Music Admission

University Matriculation Rate : 97%


Professional counseling for the student


Counselors with over 13 years experience

AY Study
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AY Study

AY Study, located in the heart of Manhattan by Penn Station, has been helping students with successful university admission and consultation by our counselors with over 13 years experience. We are helping everyday to turn our students’ dreams into reality.


The goal of AY Study

is to make the students' dreams into reality. Aside from the typical agencies around the area which use typical guides, we assess the students circumstances and goals to provide them with realistic advices and guidance. To help achieve those dreams, we offer 1-on-1 consultations.


Through AY Study

We would like everyone to achieve their dreams. We will help you achieve that dream.

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