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Middle & High School consulting


Generally, students who want to study abroad early (Middle or High School) start in September each year. There are Spring and Summer semesters as well but are usually for ESL or special courses. Students that have permanent visas or have US citizenship that want to apply for public schools can potentially be admitted. The application deadline is December when fastest or January-February for regular schools. Preparing the year before in September is ideal because not only is there applications, but test scores, essay, portfolio, and more are needed to successfully apply.


When applying, students usually apply from 3 to 10 schools. When accepted, before making your decision, we recommend that you visit the school with a travel visa to make sure it is the right choice for you. Choosing a school not knowing anything about the school if a big mistake as agencies tend to recommend you a school that you dislike. Many students attend school for a semester and transfer because of the lack of information they received when first applying to the school.


AY Study evaluates the students' situation and study skills to recommend the best school fit for them. Many students have successfully completed their early education and were admitted into top-tier universities through AY Study. Our goal is to make your dreams come to reality.



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AY Study, located in the heart of Manhattan by Penn Station, has been helping students with successful university admission and consultation by our counselors with over 13 years experience. We are helping everyday to turn our students’ dreams into reality.


The goal of AY Study

is to make the students' dreams into reality. Aside from the typical agencies around the area which use typical guides, we assess the students circumstances and goals to provide them with realistic advices and guidance. To help achieve those dreams, we offer 1-on-1 consultations.


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We would like everyone to achieve their dreams. We will help you achieve that dream.

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