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When applying for universities and graduate school, the essay is the most important aspect of applying for the school. Most of the time, students devote about a year into their essays. Reviews and revisions through professors, professionals, and even friends are some of the process for a perfect essay. Receiving help from many people instead of doing it on your own will give you a better chance at a perfect essay.

Poorly written essays are the ones that have been looked at through tutors and friends.  One is not good at essay revising and translating because they are simply good at English. They should be able to know your background, current goals, and future goals in order to successfully assess your writing and revise from there on. AY Study will help you in creating the best essay.

Furthermore, AY does not only help in essays for universities admission but also for professional documents for revisions and translations.



  • Regular University Admission Essay

  • Ivy League University Essay

  • School Presentations

  • Course Syllabus Translations

  • Regular Document Translations

  • College Application Help

  • Paper Translation & Revise

  • Translation Service


Processing Step

Consultation > Receive Essay > Revise > Send 1st Revision > Send 2nd Revision & Final


Processing Time
A regular essay will take about 3 days but if requested, there is same-day service available.

Tutoring Service

At AY, we offer experienced tutoring. For students who did experience 1:1 tutoring, you probably know how important it is to find a tutor that can teach on the same level and experience as you. We offer tutoring for all the subjects that you don't feel comfortable with. Through our tutoring service, we allow students to practice for their school presentations and subjects to receive higher grades. You can also learn and practice your English language, writing, and speaking. Aside from English tutoring, we also offer tutoring for your major.



  • ESL (Speaking, Writing, Grammar)


  • Regular School Subjects

  • Subject Presentation

  • Guide & Translation

  • Settlement Servic

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