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Education Consulting

Education Consulting


Most of the students that we meet in the United States are students that just finish high school but there are actually more that transfer schools. When asked during consultation the reason for their transfer is because they don't like the university(want to go to a better school), want to change major in a better university, transferring in America looks better and easier, or want to graduate and improve their English and get a career in America.


Students dream of coming to America to study abroad but when preparing, it comes to their mind that the process is indeed very complicating. For example, students who have good GPA but bad TOEFL grades, students who want to apply to schools in America but lack information about them, and students who want to apply to universities in America but the cost it too expensive.


As opposed to the students are fully prepared or the students who are independent that does not need much help from professionals, the students who have some problems listed above greatly need consultation and guidance as one wrong move can jeopardize your chance at a successful education in America.


Looking back at my personal study abroad experience, if I had found a professional to guide and consult me in the direction I should go, I probably would've had a better experience. However, the guidance and consultation that I am talking about is not what the typical agencies do which is just talk and give you facts. Most of the time, their employees have no idea about universities and rather "guide" you so they can increase their earnings. Receiving consultation from an experienced professional is important to guide you in your future goals.


Our goal is to create your dream into realty. We are here to sit down with you and consult with you on your future goals and give you our opinion and guidance. We will put our experience and knowledge together to bring you the best results in your education.


Major & University Consulting Service

Using our 13 years of consulting experience and knowledge, we help you find the best matched language school or university for you. Out of the 300 language schools and over 4,000 universities, we assess your personality and education ethics to match you with the best school possible. Not only do we help you with your current admission, we also assist in internships and career findings for your future.

Application Process Service

Aside from our consulting service, we also offer our application process service. This service is designed to help you concentrate and study for your entrance exams and essays while we do all the paperwork for you.

The process is as followed
Find Schools > School Decision > Gather Required Documents > Process Applications > Revise Essay > Finalize Applications and Send Required Documents to Schools > Confirm Delivery and Send Additional Documents (if needed) > Acceptance > Receive I-20 & Register for Housing

University Matriculation Rate : 97%


Professional counseling for the student


Counselors with over 13 years experience

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AY Study, located in the heart of Manhattan by Penn Station, has been helping students with successful university admission and consultation by our counselors with over 13 years experience. We are helping everyday to turn our students’ dreams into reality.


The goal of AY Study

is to make the students' dreams into reality. Aside from the typical agencies around the area which use typical guides, we assess the students circumstances and goals to provide them with realistic advices and guidance. To help achieve those dreams, we offer 1-on-1 consultations.


Through AY Study

We would like everyone to achieve their dreams. We will help you achieve that dream.

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